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River Drawing Experiment Video

I wanted to experiment with mixing some of the material I had gathered from moving image, night time stills and drawings from the off cuts of boat building from the Workman’s Boat Club. I am interested in layering the media and materials echoing the forms and blurring between drawing and still image and looking at the moving image as a constantly moving tracing line so sometimes the forms hover or appear to be there like an afterimage or echo.


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Sounding Lines Multimedia Artwork Trail Saturday 30th August 2014

In advance of the Sounding Lines Multimedia Artwork Trail if you can download a Free QR Code Scanner and Reader onto your smart phone or iPhone

here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=me.scan.android.client&hl=en

or here: https://itunes.apple.com/ie/app/bakodo-barcode-scanner-qr/id371932548?mt=8

The Art Trail takes place on Saturday 30th August 2014 (11am-4pm) as part of Heritage Week

Location: Tow path the first 2.5 km starting at Kilsheelan towards Carrick On Suir

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Workman’s Boat Club revisited

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It was a really stunning evening when Claire and I went to the boat club to meet some of the members. The light and reflections were so crisp and defined. As Shay commented the River is always changing.

We made the decision to immerse ourselves in the surroundings, history, implements, imagery, found bits,  forms, shapes, smell, politics and make work in response. This we felt was a more organic approach to introducing the project to the members as they came in to the space.  We were aware that the boat club is after all a place to meet to talk and to make work. Drawing in the space of course prompted enquiry and discussion about sounding lines and another chance to hear the members stories and childhood memories of the club   The other thought we had by us making work in response to their working environment highlighted the respect that we had for their generosity in allowing us into the boat club and the significance of  the lives of the men that had previously worked the timber, invented tools and became part of the social fabric of the building.

Claire Halpin